About Us

At Calleva we do not agree commercials on behalf of our clients; you know your business far better than we do.

We find the opportunity, broker the relationships through the arrangement of senior executive level meetings and assist you through the sales cycle by meeting all the key decision makers at each stage.

We do not cold prospect and we do not replace existing sales teams. We use our extensive knowledge to help clients shape their value propositions for maximum impact in the target market and assist them to secure new business opportunities by capitalising on our 'Executive Lounge’ of senior contacts.

We achieve strong success rates in gaining quality personal, warm meetings with senior executives who know and understand the purpose of Calleva's business, leading to high conversion rates because:

Our proposition for generating leads is based on strategic network referrals from influencers to prospects. These are not 'cold-calls' but warm approaches to people with whom we have existing relationships or to whom we are introduced by influencers.

We are not you. We are not selling. We are exploring the possibility of value in senior peer to peer level meetings between you and key prospects to investigate the options for value to be derived from a particular solution. We create the opportunity by brokering introductions and facilitating meetings.

We are not doing cold-calling telemarketing and we pre-qualify any opportunities in advance and set the scene for further discussion. As a consequence, our meeting to opportunity conversion rates are far higher than the industry standard as we also look to make sure we bring value to the organisations the executives represent.

Our approach is targeted, not scattered. Each project is clearly defined to focus on access to the key business decision makers in a given segment, bringing to our clients a deep insight and knowledge within each prospective account. This allows us to focus the proposition and messaging to capture their attention .

This is where Calleva’s unique sales model comes into its own.
We know marketplaces

Calleva will work across multiple sectors with an intimate understanding of the UK marketplace. We also work across Central & Eastern Europe, BENELUX and South Africa.

Extensive knowledge

Our extensive knowledge helps to secure new business opportunities quickly, with minimum cost and risk.

Warm networks

Using our warm networks at senior executive level, we are able to broker relationships by finding the influencers and convincing them to validate our value proposition. This achieves optimum marketing activity whilst preventing nugatory investment and shortening the sales process.

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