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Organisations are now looking at ways to do things differently and more creatively to help them win new business in the modern world.

This has been further exacerbated by the impact of the pandemic and the shift to online and homeworking.

Whatever the scope of your ambition, Calleva Consulting has the experience and dedication to help you succeed.
We provide a clear understanding of where client opportunities might lie, the executive level and ownership of each.
We assist our clients shape and communicate value propositions that achieve maximum impact in their chosen marketplace.
Our success is based on contacts who understand the Calleva business model: brokering relationships for mutual benefit. Our network trusts us and recognises that we can also save them valuable time in evaluating potential products and services for their business.
Calleva's Service Models bring our clients together with the right people to nurture new business opportunities from Introduction through to the Sale. Our methodology comprises the following flexible service models.

Analysing new market opportunities.


Building the value proposition.


Developing strategic referral programmes.


Sustaining the not for profit organisation.


MODEL 1 Analysing new market opportunities.

Analysing new market opportunities.

Calleva's far reaching network and the extent of our understanding of the UK, Central & Eastern Europe, BENELUX and South African markets allow us to work with our clients to bring high level insights and senior executive perspectives to complement their knowledge of their own business. We work with our clients' sales teams to generate new business opportunities brokering multiple senior executive level introductions to help short cut the sales cycle and quickly win new business.


MODEL 2 Building the value proposition.

Building the value proposition.

Calleva's extensive knowledge of the marketplace allows us to understand our client's propositions and to help shape them into a true 'value proposition'. This enables us to support sales teams, to build effective account plans to increase market penetration and develop new business pipelines. We also use our tailored market analysis to assist companies with a fully developed value proposition to communicate it effectively.

The key to our success lies in our warm network of executives who understand our business, trust the clients we work with and understand we are focused on winning and building relationships and a new business pipeline. The result is that our clients achieve optimum impact in their target markets.


MODEL 3 Developing strategic referral programmes.

Developing strategic referral programmes.

Calleva Consulting can work either to represent you and your business in your name, or to speak on your behalf in our name. In either case, our clear, comprehensive and transparent service will provide regular business reporting as if we were a subsidiary of your Company. We are focused on working with a true sense of urgency, building momentum, and keeping sales teams engaged at senior levels providing a platform to present the proposition and respective C level audience. This is particularly valuable when the success of your sales is based on a strategic conversation with a board member and requires decision making at the highest level.


MODEL 4 Sustaining the not for profit organisation.

Sustaining the not for profit organisation.

In these current market conditions sustaining a not for profit organisation can be a very difficult and challenging task. Adapting Calleva's core services, we have helped many not for profit organisations develop their own value propositions to capture attention and create positive engagement as the essential first steps to generating the funding to support their causes. In order to help them realise their vision and raise funding, we approach corporations at senior executive level and high net worth individuals amongst our network. This executive network's trust in us and the strength of the propositions we submit to them combine to give us an impressive track record of success in this area.

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